Charter Boat Owners

Charter Boat Owners

Monitor vessel 24 hours per day at her home Mooring

  • Receive Alerts SMS/EMAIL for every time the vessel departs said mooring
    • This will allow for quick reaction time in the event of
      • Vessel has a mooring issue during a storm
      • Vessel has been removed without prior notification / authorization


  • In additional to daily / weekly summaries, authorized personnel may use SMS request to query current status and/or position history. This is particularly useful for:
    • Determining ETA of vessel
    • Obtaining vessel status during an emergency (eg broken mooring / offshore rendezvous)

Monitor Bilge water levels

  • A water sensor is installed above the bilge area to monitor bilge pumps. In the event the vessel is taking on water at a faster rate than the bilge pumps can handle, the owner / manager will receive SMS and/or EMAIL ALERTS
    • This will allow for a faster reaction time to be able to get assistance to the vessel to rectify the issue

Monitor House battery Voltage levels

  • A Daily update (SMS/EMAIL) giving the voltage levels will help the owner to forecast when / if he may incur a Power problem that could impact the ability of Bilge Pumps or similar from keeping the vessel safe
  • A LOW VOLTAGE ALERT will also be given based on a preset Voltage set by the owner
    • This Alert will be sent by way of SMS / EMAIL

Anchor Watch Monitoring

  • When the vessel has dropped anchor for the night, an SMS and/or EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS will be sent to the relevant person indicating location of said anchor and the radius of the watch circle
    • Should the perimeter be exceeded (ie vessel has moved outside of watch circle), SMS / EMAIL ALERTS will be sent and a local audible will be tripped to alert the Captain
      • Ideal for:
        • Lunch-time anchoring…..
        • Anchoring in proximity to other vessels
        • Anchoring close to potential hazards for  short times but not able to constantly monitor anchor slippage
        • Ensuring vessel is not sailing outside of daylight hours

        Captain is able to over-ride default anchor watch radius of 250m at his/her discretion.


  • Charterer can keep in touch with Captain and crew when vessel is outside of radio / cell phone range to:
    • Notify any changes in plans
    • Confirm vessel movements
    • Contact people in case of emergency


  • Office-based monitoring of fleet using intuitive real-time maps


Receive daily and/or weekly summary emails including:

  • Current status
  • Position and speed (if away from home mooring)
  • Anchor Watch
  • Maximum speed and total distance travelled when away from home mooring
  • URLs to access

o   vessel position and track over report period for viewing in Google Earth

o   power summary in graphical form


Reports for specific periods can be generated on-demand by texting an SMS request